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"Top 10 Largest Refugee Crises (1960 - Current)"

The following data is based off of Pew Research's "The 10 largest refugee crises in recent times (since 1960), by number and population share." Note: Ukraine's refugee count and population share values are updated to reflect counts as of April 12, 2022 from the UNHCR. (End dates that are blank are ongoing events.)


Source: UNHCR (refugee counts), UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (population estimates), Pew Research Center research (events and dates)

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"The 10 largest refugee crises 1960-2022"

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a rapid refugee crises that in less than two months already ranks it in the top 5 since 1960.

Four out of the ten crises include Afghanistan, with the Afghan-Soviet war displacing almost half (48%) of the population over a decade.

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"Percent of Global Wheat Exports"

Russia and Ukraine are both in the top 5 global wheat exporters

In 2019 together they were responsible for 25% of wheat exports. In Axios, Nathan Bomey highlights what this means for global wheat prices.

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"Russia - Top Trading Partners 2020"

Top trading partners of Russia in 2020

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