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TikTok Ban for Government Employees
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"Biggest movers in brand value from 2020"

Looks like Tesla shot up the most (+275%) in brand value along with media companies Instagram & TikTok. As you can see in the dataset below or this chart of the Top 10 Brands here, Tesla is overall despite it's big move up the rankings.

Source: Kantar BrandZ

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"Most followed TikTok accounts (July '22)"
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Social Media Privacy Concerns Grow For TikTok

There has been growing concerns regarding TikTok's privacy policy amongst US users, as shown by the latest spike in google searches on the topic.

This has coincided with a significant increase in potential legislation to restrict or outright ban the platform in the US.

Recently, TikTok has now been banned on government employee devices in South Dakota because the governor believes the social media app’s ownership by a Chinese company poses a national security threat.

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"Average time spent per day by platform (2022)"

The following data is based on a survey conducted in April 2022. The survey found US adults (18+ yrs) spent more time per day on TikTok than on any other leading social media platform, followed by YouTube and Twitter. Overall, respondents reported spending an average of 45.8 minutes daily on TikTok, 45.6 minutes on Youtube, and 34.8 minutes on Twitter daily.

Source: eMarketer

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