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"New York Times Revenue Sources"

Over the past 10 years, the Times has pivoted its strategy to focus on attracting more consumer revenue via subscriptions.

The Times' annual subscription revenues finally surpassed its advertising revenues 10 years ago in 2012.

Since then, the delta between its two businesses has gotten bigger as its digital subscription business has taken off and its print advertising business has shrunk.

Now that it's reached a critical mass of subscribers outside of news, it sees an opportunity to build more ad products that cater to those users.

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Source: New York Times, SEC 10-K annual reports

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"Most viewed TV interviews"

The following contains the tentative list of the most watched television interviews on American and British television, with the corresponding average viewership on the network it aired and the year of such broadcast.

Almost all of the most watched TV interviews are from the United States, except one from BBC One.

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Source: Nielsen, Wikipedia

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"Top Movie Distributors (1995-2022)"

The top movie distributors have had a long staying power since 1995. That year, the top 5 distributors (ranked from first to fifth) were Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Universal, and Paramount. In 2021, the top 5 distributors were Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, and United Artists. Not much has changed!

This dataset ranks the top movie distributors throughout 1995-2022 by the cumulative amount they earned at the domestic box office during that time period. Walt Disney, over the past 27 years, holds the top spot with 17% market share during this period.

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Source: The Numbers

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"Top streaming media services (2022)"

Despite a drop in subscribers this year, numbering at least 1 million, Netflix remains the top streaming media platform in the world with about 220 million subscribers.

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Source: Streaming platforms, Wikipedia

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"Hearings become political theater"

The Trump era drew many eyeballs around a slew of high-drama political hearings, but the Jan. 6 hearing in June 2022 has nearly topped them all.

The Jan. 6 committee tried hard to grab America's fleeting attention by holding the hearing in primetime and by enlisting a former network news exec in the production.

Major Trump-era hearings also drew high engagement compared to other national TV events. The final games of the 2021 World Series and the NBA finals drew 11.7 million and 9.91 million viewers, respectively, while the Brett Kavanaugh and James Comey hearings drew around 20 million viewers each.

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Source: Nielsen, Axios