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"Student Loan Debt in USA"

According to the Federal Reserve, the level of outstanding student debt in the United States reached $1.75 trillion by the end of 2021.

As the chart shows, the student debt burden has more than tripled over the past 15 years, which is one of the reasons for the calls for student debt relief to grow louder and more frequent.

Student loans are the second largest category of household debt in the U.S., trailing housing debt by a wide margin.

Auto loans are the third largest category, currently standing at $1.3 trillion.

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Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (US)

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"Most indebted companies (2019-20)"

The dataset includes the most indebted companies in the world by total corporate debt according estimates by the British-Australian investment firm Janus Henderson.

In 2019, the total debt of the 900 most indebted companies was $8,325 billion. The most indebted companies were in the oil and gas, utilities, telecommunication and automotive industries. Updated to include Evergrande of China.

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Source: Janus Henderson Group

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"People with credit cards per country 2017"

Percent of people aged 15+ who have a credit card in 2017 by country. The average for 2017 based on 142 countries was 19.28 percent. The highest value was in Canada: 82.58 percent and the lowest value was in Turkmenistan: 0 percent.

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Source: World Bank