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"Top Chocolate Companies worldwide"

Chocolate candy is the ultimate comfort food. Countries all over the world have their own unique productions and cultures surrounding chocolate. Whether it’s an occasional treat or a staple of your diet, chocolate in all forms is almost universally beloved.

With its ever presence in our lives, it’s no surprise that the global chocolate market is massive. Worth over $130 billion in 2019, the chocolate industry continues to grow steadily into the 2020s.

Three American companies make up the top 9.

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Source: Zippia

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"Chocolate consumption worldwide (2017)"

When it comes to the league of chocoholics, Switzerland is out in front with annual per capita consumption amounting to an impressive 8.8 kilograms. The country is well known for its excellent chocolate industry with Toblerone one of its more recognizable brands.

Neighboring Austria and Germany are also high up on the list with 8.1 and 7.9 kilograms respectively. The consumption data, which shows per capita chocolate consumption in kilograms, was published by Swisss chocolatier and confectionery company Lindt.

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Source: Euromonitor, Lindt